Emma Jewell PDX

 Igniting connection and ease within your body, heart, and mind.

Emma Jewell LMT #21950

Emma Jewell LMT #21950

Emma’s hands are informed by a deep intuition. The conversations they have with the body take the receiver of the work into a quiet, important dialogue with the self. Her work speaks to the physical being of self in the languages of beauty and healing.
— Sarah Peyton, author, 'Your Resonant Self'
Emma offers advanced bodywork that is truly healing and reparative. She brings technical skill combined with a deeply held presence. I have received a lot of bodywork, and Emma’s work is some of the most exquisite and healing I’ve experienced. She really knows how to listen to the body, and brings the power of subtlety to the table. I see Emma for Visceral Manipulation work, and I experience in these sessions not just profound relaxation, but an overall feeling of vitality, ease and grace in my body, inner calm, better sleep and digestion. I can’t recommend her work enough!
— Jessi Slavich, Licensed Massage Therapist & Holistic Esthetician